Spinning Division


The spinning division manufactures and sells yarns. We produce our original blended yarns, color-top yarns, sewing threads, fancy yarns, and also OEM-based blended yarns. Our company’s yarns are distributed to all parts of Japan through yarn dealers, clothing manufacturers, and trading companies. In other words, we support the apparel industry behind the scene. Also, our manufacturing base is not only located in Japan, but also China, Southeast Asia, and eventually to the whole world. All of our staff believe in the possibilities of yarns and keep on growing.


Textile Division


The Textile Division develops, manufactures, and markets fabrics. In addition to weaving with our original yarns, we are also using other companies’ yarns as long as they meet the market’s needs, thus enabling us to offer a wide variety of fabrics. We design and develop our original fabrics so we can always be flexible in responding to the demands in this ever-changing era. The finished fabrics are marketed to fabric traders, clothing manufactures, apparel shops, trading companies, and others. Currently, this division only has a production site in Japan, but we are also considering to build overseas locations. We are also planning to market the products globally.


Apparel Division


The Apparel Division manufactures and markets various clothes and other clothing products. We fully utilize our company’s know-how that has been cultivated through decades of spinning and textile manufacture, and fully understand the characteristics and features of our materials to provide the highest quality possible. For commercialization, we plan our products according to the properties and characteristics of the material and prepare the presentation to the OEM. Our market outlets include apparel companies, manufacturers, trading companies, and others. Current production sites are located in Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, and the Philippines, and we are planning to expand to other countries in Southeast Asia.