Our roots are the spinning business as the company name says.
For more than 50 years, we have been handmade with the quality and characteristics of cotton in the world.In addition, we have proposed a hybrid material offer by the optimal combination of multiple fiber raw materials, according to the customer’s request.
In the production of dough, we believe that it is important to utilize the individuality of the raw materials.When you go through your sleeves on your first dress, everyone is festive for a moment.
We would like to help with making clothes that will lead to the satisfaction of our small emotions.
In addition to the color and the design at first glance, there are some elements that only the person in question can understand, such as texture, comfort, and durability in each clothes.While we become familiar with the clothes, we think that it is connected to total satisfaction.
By taking advantage of the characteristics of the material, to bring life to the fabric, sometimes we dare to use inefficient machines, and even take an extra hassle in the invisible place.
In addition, we are currently dealing with recycled materials, and we will continue to take advantage of the environmental preservation in the future.





Nagoya spinning Co., Ltd. was founded in 1949 in Nagoya City.
The Japan at that time started from the place where there was no war between the defeats, the machine which had been burnt was put in the hand, it repaired, and the raw material which lacked was made desperately and the string was collected.

Since 1951, we have built a spinning mill and raised our production.
Despite the damage such as fires and floods, including mixed blends of various natural materials such as cotton around the world, artificial fibers and other special materials, from thick threads to thin threads, uneven threads and colored threads, responding to the occasional demands, we have produced high quality yarn of various kinds.

We have produced many kinds of high quality yarn to meet the demands of the.
Since the 1970s, we have a round knit factory, and we have mainly produced fabrics for casual wear and sportswear, along with many cooperation factories.